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Strong 733 L

Rounding off the Strong range with a versatile mixed fibre composition makes the monolayer extremely durable, concise and strong.

Strong 738 L

Convincing performance in an interesting price segment. The mixed fibre formula of the wear layer and the extensive colour range underscore the enormous versatility of the Strong collection.

Strong 745 S-L

The young Strong variant with a colour range that displays discrete attractiveness and restrained elegance, which generates versatility and allows for many possible applications.

Strong 956

Since 1968 a classic amongst the needle felt carpets and the centre of the Strong collection. The key to success: high textile standards for in contract areas that exceed the expectations.

Strong 966 Modul

The Strong 966 Modul floor elements with the same quality standards have various advantages: combinability and easy interchangeable in the 50x50cm format.